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Ali Sekkouri

Co-Founder & CEO

Metaclub Society


Ali has always been an entrepreneur at heart, launching multiple successful businesses in management consulting, eCommerce, and digital marketing. He has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2017 and has been an early investor in NFTs until he launched his most recent project called Metaclub Society.

As a trilingual professional with a passion for web 3.0, Ali enjoys taking up new challenges and does not hesitate to put in the necessary efforts to achieve his goals. He is recognized by his peers for his ability to come up with creative and innovative ideas and to highlight problems before they arise.

Ali holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering and a Lean Six Sigma certification, green belt. He has contributed to several process improvement projects where he was led to mapping complex processes in all kinds of sectors. He recently led the development of a complex management system software for one of the largest companies in North America. His main functions were to ensure the collection of requirements, the design of models and functional specifications, communication with the development team, and the testing of the application.

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