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W3 is launching the largest Web3 conference in Canada!

Have you ever heard the same story from different people? Each one adds or omits a small detail, and little by little, the narrative gets a new version, sometimes way other than the original. Just imagine the consequences they may have on a business, where any noise in the message can impact the whole productive chain.

This kind of problem can be solved with the use of blockchain technology. Through the consolidation of data in one place without the possibility of editing or rewriting, ruled by a decentralized set of validators. The importance of this tech in today's world is so significant that we are witnessing a surge in the interest and use of blockchain in all industries. With that in mind, W3, the Montreal-based first company to create successful blockchain and technological innovation events in this tech hub, is bringing the largest of Canada's Web3 communities, companies, entrepreneurs, and investors together in the first Montreal Web3 Conference.

W3 has been at the forefront of blockchain and tech innovation since 2014 and has a team with more than 20 years of experience with a strong track record of creating large-scale events and meaningful connections. For W3, every detail matters.

Montreal Web3 Conference

The Montreal Web3 Conference is the first one in Montreal and the largest of its kind in Canada. As in a blockchain that runs with the unity of several validators from different parts of the globe together with one objective, this event will be no other. The Montreal Web3 Conference will connect thousands of attendees from every part of the world, including Web3 entrepreneurs and companies, the most important community leaders and influencers, investors, VC firms, developers, and communities shaping the industry and the future of Web3.

The event will bring a unique opportunity for emerging companies, startups, and entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses, create meaningful connections and partnerships, and find investment opportunities. At Montreal Web3 Conference, you will find all about blockchain and Web3, NFTs, metaverse, gaming, DeFi, DAOs, art, music, sport, fashion, marketing, legal and accounting, cryptocurrencies, AI, and big data. Is there anything more? Now you can imagine the learning possibilities and opportunities this event will generate.

Start marking in your calendar, the event will be held on May 5-6, 2023, at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. A lot to happen during the two days of the event in this iconic place of Montreal, filled with inspiring talks, exhibitions, and experiences.

Why Montreal?

Montreal is "America's favorite host city for international conferences," as ranked in 2019 by the Union of International Associations. Ten years ago, Montreal's only success story was Microsoft's purchase of Softimage, known for the 3D animation software used to create special effects in films like Jurassic Park and The Fifth Element.

Since then, the city has been experiencing a fast-growing tech ecosystem, evolving at an incredible pace, led by a vibrant and innovative community, hosting frequent events, such as the Montreal New Tech demo nights and Startup Drinks. With the upcoming W3 event in the city, the Web3 community is motivated to keep this pace up, as successful entrepreneurs are increasingly paving the way forward, triggering a growth cycle.

Big names in French tech have all crossed the ocean to set up operations in Montreal; Ubisoft, Quantic Dream, and Technicolor are some examples of this migration. But they aren't the only ones, as many companies in AI, IT, and video game development also have been flocking to Canada, or as some call it, the "Silicon Valley North."

Now that you know what's coming, you have the time to get ready and enjoy this disruptive and innovative gathering of the greatest minds in the tech ecosystem. World-class thought leaders are discussing edge tech and disruptive trends, companies at the forefront of technological change, the latest tech in VR and AR connecting the virtual and real-life experiences, workshops to help you learn, create and exchange ideas with like-minded folks, and a lot of networking and fun at post-conference cocktails, dinners, and parties in the beautiful and vibrating city of Montreal.

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