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More ways to participate with W3 Conference 2023

W3 Pitch Fest

Web3 Conference is a place for the future generation of Web3 entrepreneurs to meet, build, and present themselves to the community besides the most significant Web3 organizations and leaders in the world today. We will provide a forum for early-stage firms to test their concepts and offerings during a W3 pitch day format at the conference in order to empower the next generation of builders.

Become an Brand Ambassador

Present at the next MTL Web3 Conference and be rewarded!

Influencers, podcast hosts, and other industry experts can profit from the sale of conference tickets through our Affiliate program.

Details will be sent to qualified applicants upon contact. Apply now!

Apply to Volunteer

Without our fantastic volunteers, our Web3 Conference would not be possible! For this year, we have built a full-fledged volunteer program with more varied tasks and rewards.


We want to keep those who are genuinely enthusiastic about Web3 involved and give them the opportunity to access the space in special ways.

Host a W3 Event

Attendees of the conference will have extra chances to interact with others thanks to W3 events. We encourage people and groups to hold their own satellite events! Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to let us know if you'd like to host a W3 event.


Following the scheduling and approval of these events, we will inform guests of more details.


If you've got the background and drive to be a part of the Web3 Conference team then we recommend applying! W3 is innovating the world of conferences and if you believe in the power of tech and you strive to problem-solve at scale, then we want you on our team!

Community Partners

Attending the upcoming W3 conference from outside of Canada? Send a request to have a letter of invitation sent to you specifically! All W3 Conferences require proof of registration.


Please visit the official transportation and governmental advisory websites for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 travel requirements.

Media Partners

Looking to participate in the upcoming W3 conference as a media company? Through "Media Partnerships," which aid in event promotion and let your team in, W3 provides media tickets to teams.


Don't miss the opportunity to cover this unique conference by getting in touch with us right away!


Student GA Pass

W3 is open to anyone. We are committed to providing financial aid to students who are interested in enrolling. Please complete the application found at the following link.

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