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W3 conference showcases cutting-edge tech in Web3 and crypto, offering fresh insights and timely topics from one of the most dynamic industries. If you're passionate about the ground-breaking world of Web3, then you have found your place. Browse our ingenious opportunities and become part of the biggest Web3 conference in Montreal!


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Work At The Conference

Are you passionate about Web3, Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, or DAOs? We are looking for people like you who want to make a difference. We offer inspiring talks with world-class leaders on cutting-edge tech and disruptive trends, and that's just the beginning.

You will have the opportunity to engage in expeditions and discoveries of leading Web3 companies, creative workshops, diverse networking, and more! Explore our position and find your perfect fit at W3!

Working at W3 Conference

Our Ingenious Minds are the Core of Our Conference

At W3 conferences, we are all leaders. We understand that those who know Web3 best should educate others. We are building a community of developers, entrepreneurs, executives, and enthusiasts to push forward the future of Web3 and blockchain. We want to give you a place to share your nuanced insights to educate and spark conversation.


Build a powerful network from anywhere!

Our changing world works with Web3. Our team lets professionals work around their schedules to create peak productivity and push W3 Conferences ahead.

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Salim   |  Co-founder Meta Club

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